Metabolomics Common Fund

The National Institutes of Health Common Fund has invested over $111 million from 2012 to 2017 through the Metabolomics Program to increase the national capacity in metabolomics. The goal of this funding program is to advance several core areas, including comprehensive metabolomics resource cores, metabolomics technology development, metabolomics reference standards synthesis, and training and educational activities in metabolomics. This investment will provide researchers with opportunities to increase the use of metabolomics in population-based studies, which will allow for broader biomedical and public health applications, including biomarker discovery, dietary assessment, and pharmacometabolomics, among others.

Metabolomics Workbench

The University of California San Diego's Metabolomics Workbench, a resource sponsored by the NIH Common Fund, is a scalable and extensible informatics infrastructure which serves as a national metabolomics resource.


The COnsortium of METabolomics Studies (COMETS) is an extramural-intramural partnership that promotes collaboration among prospective cohort studies that follow participants for a range of outcomes and perform metabolomic profiling of individuals. The aim of COMETS is to facilitate an open exchange of ideas, knowledge, and results in order to accelerate the study of metabolomics profiles associated with chronic disease phenotypes (e.g. heart disease, diabetes, cancer).

MetEpi Yammer Network

The MetEpi Yammer Network has been established as platform for epidemiologists, biochemists, biostatisticians, and other scientists interested in metabolomics research to communicate and collaborate securely. It also serves as a platform to share NIH metabolomics-related information. To join the MetEpi Yammer Network, contact Dr. Krista Zanetti.